My Diary


Hi everybody...I want to say that everything is going great, it's brilliant, and everyone is really kind. Today I did a shoot, which was a fabulous experience. I know that I am VERY LUCKY to be here. XOXO JOSEPHINE


Hello! I'm so impatient to be in Shanghai. Tomorrow a French TV channel is coming to film me at home to get my thoughts on the final. I have just seen the third episode of the web series The New Face. It is brilliant - look! Xoxo


Hey everybody, this morning it was very hard - I had a maths test as I'm studying for my high school diploma. I am very happy because next Saturday, I'll go to 'Centre Alma' in Rennes for a shopping day. And, I am VERY impatient to be in Shanghai!!! By the way, did anyone see the web series 'The New Face' we did for Elite Model Look France? Here's the first episode...! xoxo

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